Custom Boot Fitting

At Gravity we are known for our expert boot fitting. Whether it's grinding or stretching boot shells, re-stitching liners or crafting you a custom insole, our boot fitters will ensure you have the best possible fit. 

New Boots


Boot Selection

 Our boot fitters will match your foot length, width, volume, ankle and calf to find a ski boot shell that correctly suits the morphology of your foot. Heat molding of liners and shell modifications are included in your boots cost.


Add a footbed

Adding a footbed will increase both comfort and performance in any ski boot. At Gravity we offer a generic insole from SIDAS in 3 different arch heights. Alternatively we can make custom insoles to perfectly match the shape of your foot.

Custom insoles always provide the best fit.



Another important aspect to bootfitting is alignment. Keeping your knees tracking correctly is essental the get the best performance from your new boots.

Making a booking

To view our different levels of bootfitting or make an appointment for custom footbeds and boot adjustments click the link below!